The day of the dead is upon us. No, don`t worry, they shan`t riseth from their earthly coils…we are just paying a visit to them. The dead. They are busy pushing up dasies while we elected a special day to remember them.

Strike one – If people are worth remembering, you will remember them. If they are losers, they are not remembered. Not even on the 1st of November.

Although today was not the official day of the dead, the cemetaries were full of people, searching for the right graves. How morbid is that? “I think it`s here…no, not that one, let`s check the next stall…” Yeah. The person lying there is really special. No, not there, there!

I am also bothered by the amout of wax that gets wasted every year. Seriously, the gesture looses all romantic charge when you see people carrying 20+ candles around the cemetary. I know that every year you get to visit more graves (if you are unlucky) but still, the consumer instincts are not to be applied on the field of life and death.

I wonder why European countries are making this holiday a sad one. On the other side of the ocean the mexican people have their own Dia de los Muertos. Although the principle is basically the same, the actual holiday has a much more positive note. In short, they party. They bond. They reflect. And we throw candles around like it was candy.

Personally, I never did get cemetaries. And I would like to be burned and scattered into the wind. This graveyard logic does not bode with me.

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