Month: October 2005

Total mayhem and property destruction

Catchy title, isn`t it? Sadly, it`s totally inappropriate. Neither the first nor the second thing happened in these two days of celebration. First we went to lunch with my parents and to the movies. A movie review follows. On saturday, we went hill-climbing (mountain sounds a little too high for […]


And so, the year came around once more for me. It`s weird since for the past few years I started counting years by my birthday rather than by the “universal” 1st of January. January for me was nothing more and nothing less than just another month, nothing more than something […]

The lecture review

This really is a big subject. Blogs`n`all. The lecture lasted for 2 hours and in the end, Baya went:”You did not tell anything new, in fact you omitted certain things“. That is sad but true. You see, the blogs are a big subject and there is no way you could […]

Comments on the language

First off, I apologize for the delayed Ill advised comment which had to be emailed to me and then posted by the administrator using black magic and dead cats. If any of others commentators face the same problem, please email your comments and I`ll see what I can do. Would […]