Month: October 2005

code Red!

OK, I did not see this coming. It appears that Delo, the leading (snort) newspaper in the country is running its own blog service. And what`s even more interesting, people with skills are blogging on it. You have journalists, market people…the lot. Sheesh. And nobody said anything. Some strategy.

Commerical time, part deux

Here`s the official advertisment for the lecture. Please note the time and date. Instead of the classroom 4, the lecture will be held in the conference room. That is all.

Grammar? Wazzat?

There is a disease spreading in our country, and it`s called illiteracy. And I am not talking about the common people (please, I am not casting stone when my house is made of glass). I am talking about Rozina, the self-proclaimed nest of the silent revolution (excuse me, but that`s […]

Not to brag or anything…

…but I am giving my lecture on blogging on my faculty on wednesday. If anybody is around and interested, feel free to drop by at the FDV, classroom 4 at 14h. I am upgrading it with a social point of view on blogs (only a small portion so far, but […]

Say “Thank you”

We`ve all been there. When you are a kid, and you yet have to be broken into civilization, when your mind is free and wandering, unaware of the social norms that lie ahead, saying “Thank you” is the last thing on your mind. You express your gratitude in other ways, […]


OK, I had no idea that modifying your wordpress template can and is that stressfull. Short of deleting everything althogether, I a) tried to install a captcha software for my blog (apparently, the shoe-makes are spamming me senseless with shoe spam) b) I almost deleted the comments template which I […]

About a boy

It is often said that watching movies after reading the inspiring book leaves a rotten aftertaste in your brain. In the case “About a boy”, the taste is even worse. Think rotten with worms crawling all over. Unlike “High fidelity” which comes close to the original book, the “About a […]

Brain rush

…and my mind is racing and my heart is pumping and I am flipping through the book, reading and re-reading, and checking the notes and looking into the book again and I sit behind the computer and think about the stuff I am suppose to do by monday, oh my […]