Month: October 2005

Tardy professors

Again. No notice. It would not be such big of a deal if I did not woke up at six just for that. Argh.

From the front

Gandalf told me today that my blog looks underfed. Starved. And I said that I am only loosing a few pounds, making it slimmer. Showing off my muscles. A short recap of the day since I am slightly tired. This is going to be a pain in the butt. From […]

My so-called culture shock.

A: So Cookie, how was your first real day in skool like? B: It was OK. A: OK? That`s all you are going to say? B: Well…yes. A: Oh no, you don`t mister…c`mon…our readers are dying to know the details. B: Well, I went there in the morning… A: Interesting…please…do […]

It`s queryful world…

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First day of skool

…is tomorrow. Funny shit really. This is one of those “informational technology miracles” situation, where stuff is put on the web, but is so hidden that you have to be a friggin genious to figure out where the hell did they stick the notice this time. I checked yesterday, no […]

Just a quickie…

Skool starts tomorrow. People actually started blogging after my lecture. See “ANAZONE”. I spawned another blog (or more likely a resurrection of a blog). See “S stilom“. And one category got renamed. Guess which one?

About a boy

Wrapping up the hornby trio is the book I dread to pick up because the movie featuring the book had Hugh Grant in main role. I hate him. And I was afraid that the book will leave a similar bad aftertaste. How wrong I was. This is Hornby we are […]

La Cucina

Food is love and love is food. The two things intertwine more than we would like to confess since one fuels the other. Lily Prior`s first novel is focusing on italian cuisine and sex which come together perfectly as the 40yrs old librarian is swept off her feet by a […]