Month: October 2005

Shanghai Baby

(slovene translation – Dekle iz Šanghaja) First thing that caught my eye when I glanced at this book was the notice that this book is forbidden in China. I know that they forbidd a lot of stuff and that some restrictions are proposterous, but I agree with this one. This […]

High Fidelity

Continuing the Nick Hornby trio is a book titled High Fidelity. Since there is also a highly entertaining movie made by this book, I shall combine the two reviews into one. First, The book The story revolves around Rob, a flunked-out student who is running a vinyl record store, with […]

Books, sex, cough`n`all

Books, sex, cough`n`all

…would be the interpretation of a famous “drugs, sex and rock`n`roll” slogan which captivates the end of the summer for me and Baya. I guess it`s only normal to end it with a crash, a complete reboot of the system and then emerge from the ashes and enter yet another […]