Photo request

30.11.2005  •  Osebno4

You know the rules. Let`s play!

Old rubber bands…

29.11.2005  •  Osebno0

Hecno…sem mislila, da je RTV bolj fleksibilen. — Funny, I thought the national television was more flexible than that.

Here we are. Almost exactly a year ago, this blog was founded. Out of reasons I am now explaining to others in my lecture about blogs and will not waste another word on them at this time. It has been an exciting year of blogging and I do not think that the years to come

Of emphaty…

28.11.2005  •  Osebno5

“You are unable of the slightest sense of emphaty!” was the stick o`words that slapped me across the face today. We were sitting in the class, discussing the phenomenon of soap operas. The statement was that for certain people, soap operas are the only form of entertainment and relaxation. I counter-stated that claim with a

Of democracy and protest

27.11.2005  •  Osebno4

Since yesterday was supposedly the biggest rally in the history of the democratic republic of Slovenia, let`s dedicate a few words to this phenomenon. In my memory, there were three major occasions when people went to the streets and protested. The students protesting in the year 2002, the NATO protesters in 2003 and now the

This is something that has been hanging around in my attic for a long time. And I think it`s high time I dust it off and share it with you. I am amused with the way people are governed by their phones. How they jump up the second somebody calls or sends a text message,

A: A ti gledaš Bar? B: Ne. A: Ja, kaj se pa pol u službi pogovarjate!? — A: Do you watch “Bar“? B: No. A: What the hell do you talk about at work then?! Thanks, David.

Listen, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and almost everybody else in the si.blogs community… THIS IS A NATURAL PHENOMENON THAT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR SO STOP BEING SUCH A POOCHIE AND GET A GRIP! [my snow post ends here]

Smartass XP

25.11.2005  •  Osebno1

Thanks to the behing-the-stage girl, I came across the add for MENSA. IQ testing. A favourite past-time when there was nothing else to do and we would solve Tickle IQ test, comparing our results with our peers. All of them were in english and we did not really feel like solving them. I remember we