This is one of the moments I am glad I attend my faculty. And as usually is the case, the moment has nothing to do with the actual curriculum, but with my so-students and their (re)actions.

In one of the classes, the professor offered us to participate in grading our fellow-students. We each have a seminar to present upon which depends the final grade. The grade itself would be composed out of the grade of the professor and the average grade of the fellow-students. Of course, not all of the studends agreed, claiming that they do not know how to grade each other (wtf) and that the whole procedure is biased and unfair. So the professor asked who does not want to be in the “grading commision” and people raised hands. Quite a lot of them actually. And then she asked, who does want to be in the “grading commision”. Only a few hands were raised. Mine included. And then the professor said “Good, those of you who raised hands, write your names on a piece of paper so that I`ll know who you are.” But now the students who did not want to grade others protested that it is not fair and that more than half of the class was against grading each other.

The whole thing made me smile. Grin actually. Here you have some individuals thinking that whatever they say represents the vote of the majority and that no other opinion should be stated. And when such opinion is in fact stated out loud and (god forbbid!) approved by the “ruler”, they feel offended and played-out.

It shows very clearly the mentality of these people and the (i)logic that drives them. The rules they set in their own heads and then expect the whole world to follow them as well. And that makes me wonder just what kind of people/journalists will they be when they grow up. Or should that be an IF?

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