Sundays are tricky. On the one hand, you still have the sweet scent of saturday all over you and on the other hand the stink of monday is coming closer. And so you are torn between taking it easy, reading a book or watching a movie and doing something useful.

The whole thing escalates into panic attacks when you are watching a movie and a part of your mind is screaming “Go do something!” and when you set your mind on doing something useful, another part of your mind is going “Oh come on, this is due till Wednesday!

Things that are on my TODO list:

1. Find out how do you get to Radio Glas Ljubljana (RGL). (And do it fast since you have to be there at nine tomorrow morning.)

2. Scan some family photos and patch them together. (A problem since my home scanner is on strike and the nearest one is at Ljudmila)

3. Rewrite the blogs lecture for a seminar so that it will fit the title “Media and the process of democracy” (Maybe I should get started on this, but the dead-line is 28.11.2005)

4. Write a report for school (due till Wednesday)

5. Try not to watch “Sopranos”. The new drug, not just for me. And thanks to SPS, I can now endulge myself in all five seasons. Which is something I`ll try to avoid, since then I know I won`t do squat. Besides, I`ll watch it when Baya`s around too. It`s a family thing 😉 – FAILED 😀

6. Try not to spend the whole day writing this. So…let`s go!