Tanks on the streets of Ljubljana


Fuck yeah! We have them. Had them for as long as I can remember. And they are not going away. In fact, they are making themselves more and more visible to the public eye.

Here is a photo of a tank.

I really do not get the mentality that goes into the people after they had a baby and they are pushing it around in a baby carriage. For fucks sake! Just cause you had sex without using protection, does not mean you can walk around like you`re some goddamn deity! You are nothing special! You are just as plain and ordinary as the people who use condoms and birth control! Popping out a kid does not give you the right to push it into everyone`s face, thinking you`re Mary, the mother of god!

And what`s with these things? It seems as though they are getting bigger by the minute! What, a kid needs an apartment inside the carriage? A bath tub and its own merry-go-round? Seriously people, reality check! How would you feel if others would shove stuff in your face, making you jump off like you are running away from a train?

Get it together and walk your own road!


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  1. Mayhem

    I’m not sure if I’m to take this post seriously or as a joke? Hello? Just what is your problem? Are you saying that people shouln’t have babies? Or maybe they should hide them in closets and cupboards 😛 Chill out man. Your blood pressure is getting high for no good reason! Just because someone almost ran you over (or something) with a baby carriage, it doesn’t mean you need to hate them all!

  2. ill-advised

    While I haven’t had any traumatic experiences with people pushing baby carriages, I do think there is a grain of truth in the observation that baby carriages are getting bigger, bulkier, and more massive. It sort of reminds me of the tendency in cars where more and more people are buying heavy bulky cars such as SUVs and pickup trucks. I think both these things are symptoms of the same underlying trend.

  3. Živa

    Oh Cookie, pri tebi je itak treba samo malo počakat, pa tvoje besede same pridejo nazaj “to bite you in the ass”. Samo počaki da boš svoj fuk vozil naokoli in se pizdil nad ljudmi, ki se nočejo umaknit neprecenljivi štručki tvojih genov.

  4. ill-advised

    Saj mogoče bo to res počel, ampak iz tega še ne sledi, da je njegovo sedanje zgražanje neupravičeno — pomeni le, da se bo moral potem, če bo hotel biti dosleden (kar pa ni nujno, da bo hotel), zgražati tudi nad svojim lastnim početjem 🙂


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