Fuck yeah! We have them. Had them for as long as I can remember. And they are not going away. In fact, they are making themselves more and more visible to the public eye.

Here is a photo of a tank.

I really do not get the mentality that goes into the people after they had a baby and they are pushing it around in a baby carriage. For fucks sake! Just cause you had sex without using protection, does not mean you can walk around like you`re some goddamn deity! You are nothing special! You are just as plain and ordinary as the people who use condoms and birth control! Popping out a kid does not give you the right to push it into everyone`s face, thinking you`re Mary, the mother of god!

And what`s with these things? It seems as though they are getting bigger by the minute! What, a kid needs an apartment inside the carriage? A bath tub and its own merry-go-round? Seriously people, reality check! How would you feel if others would shove stuff in your face, making you jump off like you are running away from a train?

Get it together and walk your own road!

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