Choose your life. Choose blogging. Choose a hosting service. Choose TypePad or WordPress or some other piss you off blogware. Choose to alienate several friends, cow-orkers and other people you think you know. Choose to navel gaze. Choose to analyse yourself almost to death. Choose an inane topic and beat it to death with pedantry. Choose to spout off political commentary like someone will actually listen. Choose to sound like you’re someone important, just like the other self-important ‘me-too!’ fuckwads wasting bandwith right along with you. Choose Google Ad Sense so we know you’re in it “for love”. Choose comment flamewars lasting long into the night Choose blogspam. Choose wasting your life chasing after that elusive posting that will make you a ‘journalist’, pissing your hopes and dreams down the drain in an on-line ego trip. Choose your future. Choose blogspotting.

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