It`s a reality show. Basically. They put people inside a pub and then film their asses off for three months. And every week, the viewers vote off the most unpopular bartender.

I never did understand these shows. Or, I did understand them, I just did not get the popularity at the viewers. Who would possibly want to watch these people with no skills whatsoever doing stupid stuff only so that one of them can win a sum of money?

The whole family watched it. Literally. We were the only two people who stayed in their room while others cheered and shouted in front of the TV screen, commenting on the action. The first thing that came to my mind was “The colosseum! The gladiators are back in business!

Cause this is what it`s all about. Panem et circenses! Instead of inventing something new, we are reheating the history, going way back when the world was run by a man who wore a bay hat. And now we are witnessing a more “civilised” game of gladiators, killing and dying for our pleasure. Instead of “Those who are about to die, salute you!” these guys are screaming “Those who are about to make a fool of themselves, salute you!

At least one thing came out of this reality show OK. On their website, each contestant writes a blog. And the buzz is generated. People know the word blog because of this crummy reality show. And that marks it as good in my book.

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