(the title is a creative one. It says “power (point) whores)

It seems there is a prevailing leit-motif when it comes to presenting your material in front of the class. Most people (in fact 20 out of 21) think that a simple copy of all the material onto powerpoint slides and then reading the text out loud constitutes a successful presentation. The whole thing is bizarre up to the point that most of the professors (in fact 4 out of 5) have no problem whatsoever with this type of presentation and only one man mumbled something about copying just the highligts and not the whole 20-pages long seminar. The irony of it all is that the presentation itself also gets graded and yet anything they do, passes as a good presentation. The whole thing looks like a central committee meeting in USSR. The only thing that is missing is that people would dress the same for the occasion.

The thing bothers me because it is lowering the quality of the classes and the perception of quality. If people are buying this, then they are going to buy anything the presenter dishes out. As long as it`s flashy and bouncy and (power)pointy.

On the other hand, it makes me look that more fancy and cool. Which is not a bad thing either.

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