Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Danny Elfman.


Tim Burton is the movie equivalent of Roald Dahl. They both make mysterious, dark and yet ironically funny movies and they are good at what they do.

I will not recap the story as I am sure all of you know what is it about, and will focus more on the movie aspects of the tale. I don˙t know anybody else in the movie business who could “draw” like Tim Burton and his crew. He always makes a special effort into making the outside looking grim and gloomy and Charlie and the chocolate factory (CATCF) is no exception. The city is in mid-winter, the house where poor Charlie lives in literaly hanging by the hinges and the factory looks like something from Batman or Planet of the apes. Sturdy, gothic, huge.

After seeing many of the Burton movies I felt like he incorporated pieces from his whole filmography into this movie. Batman for goth, Mars Attacks for weird shapes and some of the faces, Beetlejuice for the somewhat weird and quirky main character and so forth.

The storyline is fairly simple and so Burton has free hands at the details. And boy does he get the job done! From keeping the audience at the edge of the seat when Charlie is looking for the golden ticket (he manages to avoid almost every stereotype and even use them to fool the audience), to keep a shade of mystery that surrounds Willy Wonka, the owner of the factory to certain places of the factory which hold a special trap, designed for those “not pure of heart” and so on…

The director even manages to get in a little bonus twist at the end, something that makes those last “happy hour” minutes bearable and wrap the whole movie up nicely.

A definitive step up from that ghastly H-boy.

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