It truly feels like that. While sick your whole universe limits so much that you are amazed how the hell did you manage to get through this and still hold onto that last few frays of sanity. Three things that helped me through though:

1. Baya
2. Tea (and drugs)
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger`s movies.

First, a few remarks on drugs. Why do they keep trying to flavour them? Listen, when you are sick and your tongue is all white and spotty you do not think about flavour of the pills you have to eat to bring the heat down and kick the headaches out. It`s like when they put the guy on death row and just before they give him the lethal injection, they swab his arm with alcohol. Same with pills. What, people are going to choose the pills based on the taste? “Oh yes John, I want crap to taste like strawberries this time!

And what˙s with the strawberries? Is that the best stuff the drug manufacturers can come up with? And why is it that strawberries taste like vomit? That sickly sweet taste? Look…a person already feels like shit when it has to take this stuff. You do not have to “extra spice it” for the effect!

On the other hand, Arnold is great. Being sick brings down your IQ and that further limits the stuff you can watch. Dramas and movies with a meaning do not bode well with a sick person, since your brain is too busy hurting. But in Arnie`s movies, that is not that case. The whole thing is based on three to four minutes sketches, during which Arnold either breaks someone`s neck or says something quotable for years to come. Break – quote – quote – break – break – quote. The end. Be it Commando, Red heat, End of days (which is a little more “intellectual“), Total Recall and so forth. The sequence may change, but the building blocks remains the same. And so he goes, fighting the bad guys, saving the world and so on.

First snow came and went, nothing too spectacular outside this morning. Like always. I wish snow would be smart enough to fall on the hills and the ski-slopes and avoid the urban areas. Which would benefit two-times. The skiers would be happy and the city snow-shoveling service would be happy. I have an idea. You know how they are always moaning about how the first snow got them off guard? I was thinking of writing them a mail, telling them that the snow is coming and that they should keep a look-out. Maybe so, they would not be unprepared when it would finally come knocking.

The cold and low temperatures are here however. One of the reasons I caught a cold actually. You can read it all about it in my “other” blog, S stilom (slovene only).

And here`s a pop quiz for you – When will they start to air chrismas jingles on main radio stations?

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