The movie made me think of “The cube” and “Mindhunters”, two of the movies which basically feature the same idea. You have a mastermind evil genius-psychopath. You have two current victims. You have an obscure scenery. You have a mission.

This guy is set to give people`s lives a meaning. If you have a near-death experience, you treasure life. You savour it. And so he engages his puppets into a series of games. If the puppet wins, he or she is set free. If not, the puppet dies.

The last two puppets are locked in a storage room. There`s a dead body between them and a room full of clues. The plot is better left unsaid since that is the whole point of the movie, all I am saying is that the director and script-writer did their job well. The camera, the scenery, the music. The whole question that the movie poses is “What are you willing to do to survive?” The guy always gives their puppets a choice. Either sit still and do nothing (and remain incarcerated) or do something and risk dying cause of it. Or succeed running away.

The best part are the actors which are almost uknown but very good at their jobs. And they manage to avoid almost every stereotype which usually comes up during a thriller-horror movie. Good work.

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