As some of you know, I work part-time as a gorilla a journalist at the RTV SLO. And so the bosses got me pegged for a piece about chain e-mails that are trying to con people by asking money for a worthy cause. My first stop, SI-CERT, slovenian computer emergency response team. Their main guy, Gorazd Božič was always ready to assist when we needed him. But I was out of luck this time since he is away on the day we are shooting the show. Next stop, the police. I bounced around a little and finally ended up at the ministry of internal affairs, which covers the police force as well. With a simple request “Send an email, please!

I do not know why they love their emails so much. I know it gives you time to think about it and prepare a proper answer, but seriously, what ever happened to scribble, scribble on a note of paper? And personal contact? The only face-to-face communication I had was with doormen who rang phones and called people. Everything else was via wire. Ah well…

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