Since yesterday was supposedly the biggest rally in the history of the democratic republic of Slovenia, let`s dedicate a few words to this phenomenon.

In my memory, there were three major occasions when people went to the streets and protested. The students protesting in the year 2002, the NATO protesters in 2003 and now the unions are protesting against the social reform plan the government is proposing to implement.

Now, putting the whole issue whether or not these reforms are a just cause for a protest, I would like to focus on the mechanism of protesting in a democracy and the effect it has on the matters.

You see, it is my opinion that these sorts of political participation simply does not work. They are futile and pointless. Political will is measured on the election day. People go and cast their votes for the person/party they think is the least crooked. When the results come in, the person/party with the highest vote count wins. For four years. Or until the next elections.

The protests in the middle of a mandate are sort of funny. It shows that the people are not agreeing with the current leadership. Of course, there are always some who do not agree (it`s called the opposition) but I am really curious just how many people voted for the current government and came to protest against it.

Nevertheless, why should the powers that be take the protests into their account? Why should they bother? They are sitting in the throne of power. People put them there. What`s the fucking problem?

I agree that opinions need to be expressed and stated. I agree that people should speak their mind. And I agree that to every action there is a reaction. But seriously…standing in the snow, chanting “JJ, go home!” is hardly an appropriate way to tackle these matters. And to do so on saturday of all days when the parliament was closed and all of the politicans were probably miles away from the scene.

Is it political illiteracy or foolishes that drives people to first vote for someone only so that they can boo him a couple of months later? And will people remember this in three years time? Will people remember that they had to stand in the snow because JJ&co. decided they are going to change the world?

People think that they can do anything anytime and it will work. Just because they did it. It does not matter that these things have to go through proper channels and that these channels are mostyl those which are being ignored by the masses. Elections, public debates… are usually left unattended just because people claim a) they do not understand them or b) that everything is being set up. While on the other hand they expect wonders from a) standing in the snow b) chanting and c) getting drunk in the process.

Go figure.

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