This is something that has been hanging around in my attic for a long time. And I think it`s high time I dust it off and share it with you.

I am amused with the way people are governed by their phones. How they jump up the second somebody calls or sends a text message, frantically clicking their mobile phones, showing their importance. There are a few classmates that check the phone and then get up and run outside to take the call or call the person back.

Provided that they are not being called by the Organ donours association which is notifying them they found the kidney, that is a highly disturbing behaviour. Being controlled by the people who are on the other side of the line is not healthy. And shows one of two things. You are either a modern slave (which is actually a good thing because it`s a fair excuse) or you are an attention whore who is dying to stand out and will in fact do anything to show its specialty.

Another thing that bothers me is that people do not seem to grasp the simplest logic of them all. Turn your phones off when you are in a class. This is something I will never understand, maybe because I was never like that. I know that this is a higly subjective opinion on the matter so please do not be offended if you recognize yourself. But it is something to ponder, isn`t it?

All of the sudden, it`s not cool anymore if “Donald Trump” calls you and you have to leave in the middle of something. Cool is when you say to Donald Trump “Call me between 12 and 4 o`clock cause that`s when I`ll answer.

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