Here we are. Almost exactly a year ago, this blog was founded. Out of reasons I am now explaining to others in my lecture about blogs and will not waste another word on them at this time. It has been an exciting year of blogging and I do not think that the years to come will surpass that. But, you know what they say about saying never…

It grows. Something that started off as a psychiatrist chair turned out to be a companion in all things that surround me and interact with me. Something that started off as a prank, an exercise in style, turned out to be something completely else. An organism, made out the fabric of my life.

Did I start this with a purpose? Did it gain purpose along the way? Or is the blog redefining itself with every new post?

This blog is not of reason. It is not of the past and of logic. This blog is as life. It does has a certain style as is common in one`s life but everything else is purely coincidental. It is as random as flinging a marble in the air and hoping it will hit the car of the love of your life whom you never even met.

Which is what I did. Sort of. Clicking on “Random blog” button in Blogger can have unforseen consequences. And they are not all bad as one would expect.

If we can believe the StatCounter, a total of 774 unique visitors visited this blog. A total of 213 visitors returned back for more. And an average of 27 visitors is doing that on a regular basis. Would this blog existed if there was nobody out there to read it? If there was not people commenting on my rants, thoughts and photographs? If there was not for the people who are frantically goggling for a greek pussy? Something tells me it would.

I wrote exactly 855 posts in this time. Is this a lot? Am I overblogging it? Is it too much for my readers to keep up? Frankly, I do not care.

Do I hold a responsibility towards my audience? Are they coming here for a specific type of knowledge? For a specific type of information? For a list of movie titles with the word “pussy” randomly stuck in? Frankly, I do not care.

A year of blogging feels longer than a year of living. Even if you do in fact blog about life. About the ups and downs that are bestowed upon you. I am not exactly sure why is that. Is it the fact that we are reliving everything as we are writing about it? Does that makes us sado-masochist? Or does that gives us time to ponder things and reflect on them and come out as a better person?

Let me just thank the people who are actively participating in the creation of this blog. People I meet, people I interact with, people that surround me. The L files would not be able to live as fruitful as they are without you. And as long as I am surrounded with society, this blog shall exist and will continue to bring (hopefully) interesting insights from the outside.

Happy birthday, the L files.

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