Fever pitch!

16.11.2005  •  Osebno0

My just pitched up to 38.8! Hooray!

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copypaste (verb) – to make a seminar presentation at the Faculty of social studies in Ljubljana — kopipejstati (glagol) – izdelava predstavitev seminarskih nalog na Fakulteti za družbene vede v Ljubljani

(the title is a creative one. It says “power (point) whores) It seems there is a prevailing leit-motif when it comes to presenting your material in front of the class. Most people (in fact 20 out of 21) think that a simple copy of all the material onto powerpoint slides and then reading the text

Go click!

14.11.2005  •  Osebno2

A poll about slovene blogosphere. Go click in the name of everything that`s sacred!

Zdej, če pogledamo na gallusovo krivuljo, boste videli da… — If we examine the gallus curve, we`ll see that…

It`s a reality show. Basically. They put people inside a pub and then film their asses off for three months. And every week, the viewers vote off the most unpopular bartender. I never did understand these shows. Or, I did understand them, I just did not get the popularity at the viewers. Who would possibly

You cannot just sit still for two days stuffing food down your throat. You eventually have to get up and take a walk, to shake things up a little. I think Peter can comment a thing or two about these examples of “Oh my fucking god! My retinas are burning!” architecture. I do not know

Birthdays are always a good way to meet a bunch of people all at once. And it`s even better since it`s not your birthday they are celebrating, so you can just lurk in the background and pop up every once in a while to shake a hand or talk to someone who is going to

Photo Friday – Worn

11.11.2005  •  Osebno0
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