Month: December 2005

A year of the blog

“So when is he going to do it?” the audience asks. “He only has one day left you know!” shout the masses. “Will he stop writing these foolish movie reviews that nobody reads and get on to the wagon with the rest of the crowd which is anxious to analyse […]

The constant gardener

Ah, Africa. A stone around the necks of the sensitive Europeans, a whip that torments our souls as we see our forefathers as a brute force that raped the entire continent, splintering it into colonies and destroying its soul. The present generations are now trying to redeem themselves with live […]

Broken flowers

After smoking a huge amount of cigarettes and drinking pitchers of coffee, the man is back. This time, he is not serving us short stories, but rather a bigger one, which splits into several smaller episodes. The story is simple and to the point. An aged playboy get dumped by […]

War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise is Oskar Schindler. Really. “War of the worlds” is nothing less than Schindler`s list combined with Star wars. He is out there, trying to save his family and get them to his divorced wife, while the aliens are pounding the shit out of mother Earth. The movie is […]

Joyeux noel

You know how every single year they are serving us christmas-themed movies which look like they were all made by this one guy who simply does not get it? Don`t worry, Joyeux noel is nothing like that. In fact, most people would not regard it as a christmas holiday movie. […]

X-mas X-treme X-perience, part deux

There are a few things everybody who celebrate christmas (one way of the other) should know. Here they are… 1) The x-mas tree Everybody turns into a personal stylist, an artist and a decorator when it comes to this artefact. These balls don`t go with that ribbon, these ribbons are […]

Take a hike!

Take a hike!

Literally. The target was Šmarna gora (again), only this time, the performance was significantly lighter. Maybe things are easier second time around, maybe they lowered the hill this time to make it seem easier (did anyone hear a loud hissing noise in the afternoon? Cause that would be a sure […]