Something, everything just works. I hope. I am not very good at keeping a tight schedule because I can always think of a few things that will go wrong. Let`s take tomorrow for instance.

I am suppose to be at RTV at eight thirty, at SiCERT at nine, at the central police station at ten fifteen and then at the faculty at noon. Now this is all very fine and dandy, IF stuff won`t go sour. What can go sour beside cabbage you ask? Tons of things.

For example, the crew is not ready at eight thirty but decides it still has time for a smoke. The SiCERT office is too small for the camera to fit in and the whole thing lasts longer than an hour. And the camera-man discovers that he forgot to put in the tape and we were filming on thin air for the last thirty minutes (trust me, it can and it DID happen). The route from location no.1 to location no.2 is blocked by traffic and we arrive at the scene an hour late (trust me, it can and it DID happen). We only have half a story and the editing guys delete the whole thing by accident. I am late for my presentation during which I discover I am interpretating the wrong text. Because of this I am so confused I get hit by a bus on my way home.

the end.

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