It went like a Santana song. Smooth. I can always worry about the quality of the material now, but I won`t do that. Instead, I will share with you something that you must never do when you are doing a piece that includes the ministry of internal affairs.

I misread the email the PR service sent me and thought that the person who is going to be giving a statement will be the general director of the police. Which was far from the truth but did not stop me to just walk in and tell the clerk exactly that. Four seconds later the whole place was on fire since nobody knew anything about the interview and with OSCE summit approaching everybody was extra jumpy. The head of the PR was a girl, only a few years older than me which told me in a very nice voice that if I wanted to kill her I should put poison in her coffee and not try giving her a heart-attack with statements like that. So mental note for next time – read the mails carefully!

The whole thing worked like a charm and I had time to do it all. The SiCERT, the Police and the faculty. Which is something short of a miracle.

Now all I have to worry about is cutting the 40 minutes of material into 2-3 minutes of a piece that will air on TV. And I am taking bets whether or not it is going to work 😉

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