Pop quiz, hot shot!


For a course in radio, I have to do a radio article. I chose to do an article about what do people think while they are masturbating. The piece should be dubbed with some music. So I want you to name three songs each which would fit perfectly in it.



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  1. hruske

    Lou Reed, Perfect day
    Living Colour, Release the pressure
    The Grease Soundtrack, Hopelessly devoted to you
    Magnifico, Hiraj koma hiraj go
    Anastacia, Not that kind / I’m outta love
    Atomic Harmonik, Brizgalna brizga
    Bele vrane, Presenecenja
    BFM, Mala nimfomanka
    Black Eyed Peas, Where is the love
    Blur, Girls and boys
    Bob Marley, Could you be loved
    Bostjan Konecnik, Veseli december
    Britney Spears, You drive me crazy
    The Cardigans, My favourite game
    Pink, Get the party started
    Jani Kovacic, Crna muca
    Lenny Kravitz, Fly away
    Heavy D and the boys, Now that we found love
    Sebastian, Ti si ta
    Skunk Anansie, Hedonism
    Tabu, Divje
    Tom Jones, It’s not unusual
    Tomaz Domicelj, Bil je tako prikupno zmeden (eh, ne, ker je za patente pa to)

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