If the ministeral summit of OSCE is telling us anything, that`s the fact that we do not have the scene for an event of that magnitude. Sadly enough, we have to place it smack in the middle of the city and close down two of the important veins that run through it. Feet are the tools of the trade in such cases and it went smoothly enough. It would`ve been great to have a helicopter and to take an aerial photograph of the traffic that stood still. Wall2wall bus traffic.

The editing worked like a charm. Let`s just hope the producer will be satisfied. Funny fact – after pestering the edit-lady to keep it tight and closer together and after the editing was over and the tape was handed to the director she went “Oh, why did you keep it so short? We gave you four minutes for this segment!“. Thank you, mother of nobody-tells-me-anything.

Other than that…all quiet on the western front.

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