Another fine day behind me. This one started off with a cleaning spree, after which I went to the faculty. But don`t worry, I won`t fall into the classic “And then I did…” post. I just wanted to emphesise that the beginning of this day was as ordinary as they come. After the lectures I secured me and Baya the ride to Maribor (more on this a little later…you know, to keep the suspense) and then we met for lunch and shopping. For gloves. For Baya. We got them and on our way to the bus stop, two girls who were promoting the Si.mobil new phones. They gave us the leaflets and…two pair of gloves.

Yes, we`ll be leaving for Maribor tomorrow. The reason is that Kibla invited me to give a lecture about blogs. Michael, if you (or anybody else for that matter) is free tomorrow at 17h, feel free to drop by. Text announcement here and graphic announcement below.

Should be fun.

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