What is the essence of a firecracker? Can anyone explain? What notion drives a man to go out and spend tons of money on something that goes “Pop!”?

I understand the fireworks. The colors, the shapes…I can understand why some people would want to watch that. I mean, people watch reruns of “Seventh heaven” all the time, so why not watch a few colors dancing in the air? We ARE monkeys, after all.

Firecrackers however are beyond my comprehension. There is nothing melodical about the pop. There are no colors. The whole thing is over in under a second. And yet people are wasting money (and limbs!) for them. Another one of those “It`s a mystery!” themes.


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  1. ill-advised

    I don’t quite see the point of firecrackers either, but I think you’ve explained it well enough: We are monkeys, after all 🙂 Why woulnd’t we be as fascinated by having caused a loud bang than by having caused a colourful flash?

  2. Dragan

    It’s simple. They make BANG!!! You get some attention with that. Some people might even be frightened. If you have them (the crackers) you will be a respected man. (I’ve never seen girlies to use them.) It’s a chilish & primitive way for getting attention.

    It’s exactly the opposite of blogging. Blogs are geekish & superficial way of getting attention. Crackers are cheap. Much cheaaper than a computer. Actually you can get them in loads for the money you have to pay monthly for your internet provider.

  3. maQmIgh

    There’s a very simple four-step solution for this problem.
    1. Find a pyrotehnics manufacturer in crisis
    2. Propose a money-saving sales-boosting product (to be more specific: a very powerful and noisy cracker with a very very very short fuse (saves money, less fuse, more bang…))
    3. Sell cheap to idiots.
    4. See idiots selfdestruct.


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