(Random title. Which is even more random if you take into the account that the title is a song title by David Bowie and my radio is right now playing the collected works of AC/DC. Go figure, huh?)

I actually wanted to rant about the new line of stores that is opening all over Slovenia. No, I won`t say the name. No need for even more publicity. The thing that amazes me is the people`s reaction and the justification of that same reaction.

We bought something, cause it was cheap!

Read that again. Yes. The sole reason was cause it was cheap. Not cause they wanted it or heaven forbbids they NEEDED it…no. The sole reason was the price. Photos of the crowds in front of the stores that were published in the media were amazing. Fucking come on, people! How greedy can you be? Pushing and shoving just to be the first in line for some cheap, worthless piece of junk?

There is a saying I like that goes “I am not rich enough to buy cheap“. And people are forgetting that. They just want it cheap. They do not know what the hell they want, why they want it, as long as it`s cheap. Price justifies the reason. Welcome to the braindead age! Where quality and functionality is measured by the price-tag. If it`s cheap, we need it! If it`s expensive, we can do without. Blah.

People are getting lost within themselves. Their urges, their impulses that are coming from the outside, while they are claiming they are acts of will and reason. Mad world. Completely and utterly mad. In the name of reason.

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