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Recap: The parliament just passed a bill that condemns all the swearing, spending the night in a publich place, usage of dangerous objects, vandalism and so forth. It relies not only on the police to enforce it but also on the communities.

My two cents: Seriously, they are losing their minds. The part about the community reporting and taking care of “crimes” sounds like something from the world war 2. The watchguards. Creepy. They were talking about fining kissing in public. Welcome to the 21th century! By establishing this type of control (watchguards) they are hoping to relieve the pressure on the courts of law. Erm. How about loosening the law? How about allowing the people to sleep in the open? And this is so poorly defined. You are to pay from 60.000 to 120.000 tollars (approx. 250 to 500 euros) for acting boldly or rudely. Ahem. Acting boldly? What exactly is that? Does dressing up as Superman and running up and down the street considers a bold act?

Instead of worrying about the stuff that matters, they are going to chase the hobos. Way to go! Social country all the way! Hobo is your enemy! Shoot to kill!

Who are you going to vote in two years?

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