So, today was first “exam of the year” day. Always a special day, especially if you are taking an exam for a course in Radio and she is your professor. Fun -> funnier -> the funniest -> Ljerka. We were to write this exam on the computer and everybody were thrilled because computers are hooked on the internet and you can just copy the material off the web. Right? Well, it would be, but the whole network was down for the duration of the exam. Go figure, huh?

Don`t worry, I won`t bother you with posts in a style of a school-boy who writes about his grades and his exams and oh, how he did not study and still passed it. I just wanted to point out that my perception of exams changed. You know how some fill the stuff out and then frantically scan it and re-read it over and over again, as if something will pop-out of the page? Well, I stopped doing that. I realised it never worked. You`re just straining yourself.

In other news, everything else is coming along nicely. I am having a lecture about blogs (yeah, again!) in the library of Bežigrad, seven o`clock in the evening. Feel free to drop by.

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