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  1. Dragan

    Annoying music score underneath a poor recording makes it really hard to listen. Lecture is way too long and tiresome (even without music). My proposal: cut it down to healthy 45 min… otherwise folks will think blogs are something very complicated & highly academical (in other words: they will think it’s boring & dismiss it) add open end discussion. show more live examples. read on some text out of blogs. show some photoblogs…

    I’m very much interested in blogs, yet it was hard for me to catch the bits. I think your projection of blogosphere is very personal & individual, but an lecture should be something more universal. You should make a test presentation on somebody who is not deeply confident of blogs but aware of internet & has some computer skills. You should also be able to demonstrate all blog examples live on site (WLAN?) instead of talking vague from your memory.

    I think Slovene blogosphere was not presented in adequate manner. The way it was presented is IMO far away from reality. Most of si.blogs are annonymous & with serious content flaw. (They are only a handfull of exceptions.) Yet you painted a completely different picture there. You could speak only about a tiny Slovene blog-club-elite, for a real scene/sphere it needs more people & some interesting content.

    Concerning the questions: Ljubljanski vs. Styrian dialect sounds almost like a clash of civilizations. Some very nice questions, indeed. I especially liked the woman who asked about the therapy/shared experience question. Actually mostly women asked questions.

    Really cool audience. They didn’t fall asleep. 🙂

  2. Baya

    Dragan, come to one of his lectures if possible. Because you’re concern about things that actually have been done, like ‘show more photoblogs’. It is silly-to put it mildly- to assume things when you only listen to an audio clip of an actuall life presentation. Do you have some super powers and you know by listening what he showed there?
    Oh, and the music was added by the radio station…

  3. Dragan

    Hey Baya, I know the music score was mixed by Radio MARS, this point was a critic on their approach, it made listening harder. I understand you defend your mate, but my points were mostly constructive – so far it’s possible to judge upon an audio file at all. I thought you (Domen) would appreciate some feedback, yet he doesn’t even reply on. Instead I get a snit from Baya. So much about your ‘blog culture’.

  4. Baya

    I don’t defend my mate-funny choice of word imo. He doesn’t need defending. He’s a grown man.
    I’m only stating my opinion. Remember, I was there. And you weren’t. I’ve seen what he showed and said, you only heared it, and like you said, not very clearly. It is possible to judge on some accounts, I agree with you. But what Domen showed or not, that I know I have a better knowledge of that than you.

  5. Dragan

    However, your ‘stated opinion’ was -to put it mildly- rather emotionally loaded than objective. How come you missed the constructive part completely? I was able to understand the most of the lecture, like for example that woman asking the question about therapy/info exchange. Domen then replied vague from his memory instead of displaying the concerned blog. I suppose he had no web connectivity there. But Kibla has a Internet plug. When you elaborate the cyberculture you have to be plugged on. Otherwise it gets just a la-la theory.

  6. Baya

    Dragan. When I reply, I usually reply to certain parts of the comment/post. And I reply to parts I feel I have something to say about, like the parts I don’t agree with the most.
    You suppose wrong. He indeed had a web connection. He told the woman the name of the blog. He said he does not know the url exactly. Who remembers 300 url’s? Do you? If you type in the name in blogger blog search (which he mentioned I believe), you can easily find the blog. Don’t you think that having an answer is something the person lecturing is suppose to have? If the one asking wants to find something and has been told where to look, it’s easy and his job is done. And he did show one other guy, who asked a question, where to register his blog.
    Ts ts ts, Dragan, I don’t think you payed enough attention here! Like I said, you should come to one of his lectures. Which is, btw, growing from one lecture to the other. Oh, and one other thing. Domen accepts and evaluates all the comments, no fear needed.

  7. Dragan

    An active web connection really didn’t came through in that audioclip. I had an impression the presentation is running offline, because the response wasn’t instant (to that woman’s question). When it comes to URLs, I simply use bookmarks & clever management, just about like everybody else. I would like to see that blog’s URL the woman has been pointed to. So if His Majesty reads this, please email me or (even better) put a URL right here.

    To bring this hopeless dispute to an end, it’s interesting to observe how you, Baya, try to put it into the abstract instead of just sticking on objective points of critic. I cannot oppose to your feelings. You are biased in that matter, and ofcourse you’ll support & defend your mate – either you like this expression or not.

    Funny & a bit provincial way of communication going on here. The Master won’t speak. So bloging is about silence & not responding to posts. Instead you let your spouse talk. Interesting philosophy.

  8. Baya

    You don’t want to know the reason why he doesn’t react. Maybe you better not ask ;-)I do, on the other hand reply because I find it fun, always being able to dismiss your statements.
    Dispute? What dispute? There’s opinion sharing going on!
    Ahya. I do feel sorry for you. Obviously you don’t know how an equal relationship is like. It’s quite easy actually. He doesn’t tell me what to do, and I don’t tell him what to do. We both think on our own! Shocking, eh?

  9. Dragan

    I really don’t understand you folks. I give you feedback for your lecture. You dismiss it 2nd hand and pull it over on personal level. Having no feedback you would probably like better, would make your blog neat & clean. Baya, what gives you powers to know about my relationships experience? You overestimate yourself. Whatever interpretation you sell, the fact is, you speak already a mile for your mate, you’re inferior. Equal like tomato & potato.

    Why you folks never have serious discussions on your blogs? Although the topics at least on Domen’s blog are mostly serious? Because you have no interest in discussion, you just want to spread your ‘opinion’. The best thing one can get is a tech advice.

    No wonder nobody from your lecture ever posts. Why should they, there would be no use.


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