Library of Bežigrad – analysis


The audience was not so good this time. Sure there was a lot of people and amongst them even a radio journalist that asked me to speak about blogs on the national radio, ARS, but all in all these were just people who were dazed by the technology and the usage of it.

The time factor was again the issue and we now know that it is impossible to deliever everything in an hour and thirty minutes, especially so if the questions are popping during the lecture. Plus, I should compile a list of “famous” slovene bloggers like Jonas. Just for the amplification.

All in all, nothing too exciting but on the other hand, nothing too shabby. A fair deal.


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  1. Dragan

    Would be cool & logical to invite the audience to give you their feedback about the lecture right onto your fab blog. I wonder how come you didn’t had this thrilling idea yourself. This would give your blog a practical sense (for the community) and you would have the best possible source of input. Could make you grow faster in your lectures.

    Just give a peace of oldfashioned paper with your blog address printed to all your lecture members next time.

  2. domen

    By “sheesh” I indicated your inablity to fucking google it. Like I did. By no means should my “sheesh” be interpreted as a “piss off”. My blog is your blog (at least “the comments” part) < -- this part no longer applies


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