Tim`s back! Burton that is. Bringing along his trusty side-kick Johnny Depp, Helen Boham Carter and a truckload of animation.

From “Nightmare before christmas” to “Mars Atacks” to “Corpse bride” you can see the animation improving and perfecting. Smoother, better, more precise.

The story is simple. A love triangle, man, woman and a dead woman. A preset wedding, made by parents who all have a scheme in mind. And a stranger, educated and polite, who is trying to get his hands on the bride. With another scheme in mind.

It`s almost a musical (similar to “Nightmare before Christmas”) with several songs included in the story, adding a nice touch to the whole experience.

However, there is a flaw in this whole experience. Usually, the triangle is depicted as two good corners and a bad corner. Which makes the hero easier to choose. But here, all three corners are good. Both of the brides (the live one and the…erm…dead one) are equaly interesting, charming (if you discount the popping eye with a worm) and the only problem comes from outside. From scheming parents and mysterious stranger. Which makes up for a weird climax. Since options are too similar (at least for my taste).

All in all, excellent graphics, superb soundtrack and songs, witty dialogues and just a slightly flawed storyline. I think we can overlook it. The flaw, not the movie.

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