(The title comes from the Corpse Bride soundtrack.)

What can you expect of Tuesday? Seriously. It`s not manic monday, it`s not free friday…tuesday is like their bastard child whom nobody wants to take care of, so they pass it around in hope that it won`t come back to them.

First they cancel the interview for Dnevnik. Fine with me. If not today, then tomorrow. At least they had the decency to call before I left the house.

Still, it was an indication of what the day will bring. According to plan it went not.

The TV crew was an hour late. Why? Cause they were hungry. The organising guy did not plan for the crew to take a time-out to grab a bite. So they did it without a plan. Which meant postponing the whole thing for an hour. Funky it was not.

We ran out of tape. Don`t ask.

At least the buses were on time.

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