Going back is always a nice thing to do. That is, if the location you are going back to is your old high-school.

In a course in “Media education”, you have to write a paper, transform it into a lecture and then find a schooling institution that is willing to put up with it. Guess what I spoke of?

You could never believe that you can talk about blogs eventhough there is no internet connection present. Some may disagree, but that is exactly what I did, due to the fact that the switch in school died on the very same day. How convenient. So we debated and talked and questioned each other and at the end I think that I did leave some of the knowledge behind. There was this kid who kept asking questions after the lecture ended and we debated out into the hallway. And we talked and talked and talked. Reminded me of myself. Ah, the lost years of youth 😉

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