Culture is great. Culture is fine. Culture is what makes the world go around. And yet, different cultures do not mix. Some are like oil and water. Take this article for example. It tells a story about a place in Chine where they skinned live cats and dogs to make fur for the coats they make and ship out to Europe and USA. The article is written in extremely emotional tone, full of pathos which is usually frowned upon in journalism. The author then further debates the matter on her blog.

The question that anyone with a mind of its own should ask is whether or not are we eligible to judge a culture that is not our own? Is the chinese way of getting fur from dogs and cats really that different from our way of getting leather off a cow or a pig?

And seriously, do we really care? Are we really that concerned with the way they are getting the material to make our clothes? Or is this another way of exerting cultural imperialism and glorifying our brave new world? Where nobody dies, nobody masturbates and everybody live happily ever after? Where everybody is young and healthy, old people do not exist and things like that just does not happen?

What is more shocking? Chinese skinning live cats and dogs or teens setting a homeless person on fire, eventually killing her? What is more cultural? And what contradicts with our culture more? A person burned to death or a cat skinned alive? Bare in mind that you can make something out of the fur of a skinned cat but setting a person on fire is just pure vanity.

Hypocrisy above all.

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