On my way to the faculty this morning I ran into a co-student and we talked about the weather. I complained about the amount of work I have been involved in the past few days and he said “Hm, so you are not getting much out of the christmas spirit?” He made me laugh out loud. This year, either because of my busyness or because of my ignorance, holiday season sort of creep up on me. It`s cause everything needs to be done NOW. Not tomorrow, not after new year`s but NOW! The whole thing is highly illogical since the holidays are drawing near and soon everything will be forgotten for a few days, worries replaced by warm cozy thoughts of food, love and good will towards mankind. The machines will stop and the air will be overflown by the sounds of singing and laughing, replacing that awful noise of our life-supporting machinery.

I should be downstairs, reviewing the material for the television, making up my off-text. The Machine says it has to be done NOW but I just cannot find the will to do it.

The interview for Dnevnik was funny. I realised why people are so afraid of journalists. It`s cause, if unprepaired, they can ask stupid questions to which there are no smart answers. This girl for example walked in with her mind set on the fact that blogs are a) stupid b) for kids and that bloggers are a) boring and b) without any (social) life. I did my best to convince her otherwise but I guess we`ll have to wait for the article to come out. Questions like “So bloggers are a really tight and closed group?“, “Do you know all of the slovenian bloggers?” and “Do these people do anything else beside post on their blogs?” shows just how stereotyped her mind was. Of course, everything could have been a trick, a scheme to test me and my knowledge of blogs. We`ll wait and see.

Tomorrow is friday. And I think I`ll do as little as possible. Trying to get into the christmas spirit. Any tips on how to do that?

I saw ten Santa Klaus`s dancing the cancan on the street. Am I going crazy or did the whole world just take this christmas spirit thing a liiitttleee too seriously?

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