There are a few things everybody who celebrate christmas (one way of the other) should know. Here they are…

1) The x-mas tree
Everybody turns into a personal stylist, an artist and a decorator when it comes to this artefact. These balls don`t go with that ribbon, these ribbons are too bright for those lights and those lights have too high frequency of blinking to match the color of the tree. The best thing to do is to stand back and let other professionals take over. Seriously, it`s not worth bickering over those two weeks the tree is going to be up. You are better off worrying about the lemmings population or enjoying a cup of coccoa.

2) The food
And plenty of it. The best thing to do is to turn into a mouse and just nibble. Small bites, little bit of this and little bit of that. Of course, not every host willl be satisfied with that kind of behaviour and sometimes there is no other way than to dig in and hope you survive. Things like candy, different kinds of poticas, cookies, baccala, wine and other beverages are too good to be wasted on…well…anybody other than yourself.

3) Presents and gifts
Always a tricky subject. But no matter what, just make sure the gift is in the box when you deliever it. And do not under any circumstances be like me who wrapped an empty box, not knowing the gift was missing. Ups. My bad. Santa will be back in three days.

4) Crowds
There is no way to avoid them. The best way is to think ahead and try looking grim and pissed-off while walking around the crowded area (anywhere else but your room and even that does not apply if you are me and are pushing off the cleaning day). Otherwise you are doomed to swim in an ocean of B.O, perfumes which sometimes scent even worse and people who are desperate to come from point A to point B. Fun shit, really.

Did I leave anything out? What`s your XXX?

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