After smoking a huge amount of cigarettes and drinking pitchers of coffee, the man is back. This time, he is not serving us short stories, but rather a bigger one, which splits into several smaller episodes.

The story is simple and to the point. An aged playboy get dumped by his latest girlfriend and at the same time gets an unsigned pink letter which informs him that he has a son and that the son is looking for him. The knowledge of a potential offspring shakes him and he decides to discover who the mother of his child is. Oh, how poetic. But we must not forget…this is Jarmusch we are talking about.

You are either amused by this movie or you hate its guts. There is no other way. Because Jim puts Bill (Murray) on a roadtrip, visiting his ex-freakishly-weird-girlfriends and trying to figure the whole thing out. The whole thing does have a “Coffee and cigarettes” feel, but with the mayor story enveloping everything and with a quirky, non-catharical ending, it does present a somewhat new approach to the subject.

The dialogues are interesting yet non-explanatory and the whole movie is not of reason. It is merely a voyage of a man who is inspired by his best friend. A road-movie with no particular direction. A comedy with no punch-line. You can either find it amusing or dreadful waste of time.

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