Tom Cruise is Oskar Schindler. Really. “War of the worlds” is nothing less than Schindler`s list combined with Star wars. He is out there, trying to save his family and get them to his divorced wife, while the aliens are pounding the shit out of mother Earth. The movie is in fact a family one, and has very little to do with movies like “Independence day” or “Mars attacks!“. Like I said, our new Oskar made a promise that he`ll get his children to safety and that`s exactly what he`s doing.

The CGI is beautiful. The aliens look like they came out of the “Sky captain and the world of tomorrow” and Dakota Fanning is annoying beyond imagination (not that this fact has anything to do with CGI, but I just thought I`d mention it). Either she`s screaming her head off (and I mean screaming her head off!) or she`s bugging everybody she has to do pee. Some of the dialogues are a delight. Take this for example

A: “I don`t think they came from America…they came from somewhere else!
B: “Europe?
A: “No Robbie…not Europe!

or this

A: “Where are you going?
B: “Have to go pee!
A: “Just stay close enough so I can see you!
B: “You`re not gonna watch me pee!
A: “I`m not going to watch you pee, just stay close enough so I can see you!

Although you have to abandon some sense of logic and physics, it`s still a nice flick to watch. Exactly because it`s not mind-numbing alien bashing fest, but a cute little story that is going on while the Earth is under attack. Ranting about errors and factual mistakes clearly shows that some people were expecting something else.

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