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Culture is great. Culture is fine. Culture is what makes the world go around. And yet, different cultures do not mix. Some are like oil and water. Take this article for example. It tells a story about a place in Chine where they skinned live cats and dogs to make fur for the coats they

On my way to the faculty this morning I ran into a co-student and we talked about the weather. I complained about the amount of work I have been involved in the past few days and he said “Hm, so you are not getting much out of the christmas spirit?” He made me laugh out

THE joke.

20.12.2005  •  Osebno1

HAHA! This joke is awesome! IT`s the best blonde joke ever and I heared them quite a few!

(The title comes from the Corpse Bride soundtrack.) What can you expect of Tuesday? Seriously. It`s not manic monday, it`s not free friday…tuesday is like their bastard child whom nobody wants to take care of, so they pass it around in hope that it won`t come back to them. First they cancel the interview for

There is reoccuring theme I am sensing when it comes to art and people. Some people do not get it and do not bother with it. Some people try to get it and learn. And some people are just too fucking stupid to get it and confess their illiteracy. However, the confessions are made in

Going back is always a nice thing to do. That is, if the location you are going back to is your old high-school. In a course in “Media education”, you have to write a paper, transform it into a lecture and then find a schooling institution that is willing to put up with it. Guess


18.12.2005  •  Osebno0

Found this thread in a forum that deals with my lecture in Maribor.

The first person who drops its real address in my e-mailbox, gets a signed X-mas card from “The L Files”. And…go!