This is one of those silly moments you wish your brain would not be faster than your eye-sight. I was checking the calendar and for no good, functional reason thought that tomorrow is 20th of December. And at the same time, I knew it was Monday. So in my twisted little brain, I combined the

Tim`s back! Burton that is. Bringing along his trusty side-kick Johnny Depp, Helen Boham Carter and a truckload of animation. From “Nightmare before christmas” to “Mars Atacks” to “Corpse bride” you can see the animation improving and perfecting. Smoother, better, more precise. The story is simple. A love triangle, man, woman and a dead woman.

No, I am not starting one. Not this year. Maybe the next. However, I am hooked on one. Since half an hour ago. Meet MobuzzTV. Thanks Tilen!

For Dragan.

15.12.2005  •  Osebno1

Sheesh. Update: Dragan, you`re out of here.

The audience was not so good this time. Sure there was a lot of people and amongst them even a radio journalist that asked me to speak about blogs on the national radio, ARS, but all in all these were just people who were dazed by the technology and the usage of it. The time

(* the title is in Slovene and it means “Dumbass!” I chose the slovene title because this word is not used frequently enough and it carries a far greater potential than an ordinary dumbass.) I went to a lecture held by the minister of Public administration about e-government and e-democracy. I fear now more than


13.12.2005  •  Osebno1

So, today was first “exam of the year” day. Always a special day, especially if you are taking an exam for a course in Radio and she is your professor. Fun -> funnier -> the funniest -> Ljerka. We were to write this exam on the computer and everybody were thrilled because computers are hooked

Tonight. At 2300. Radio MARŠ. Blogspotting stream. Click to listen.