13.12.2005  •  Osebno5

They did it! They fucking finally did it!! They have mastered the skill! They know the technology!!! They are home!!!! (I got a text-message on my phone that tomorrow classes are off, since the professor is ill.)

I just walked in and the doorbell rings. Me: “Yeah?” Her: “Excuse me, but were you on the parking lot at around 10 a.m. this morning?” Me: “No, why?” Her: “Oh, I lost a rifle…” Me: “A what?!” Her: “A rifle. Shotgun rifle” Me: “Erm…” Her: “Yeah, my husband leaned it against the car and


11.12.2005  •  Osebno2

Reference article — Recap: The parliament just passed a bill that condemns all the swearing, spending the night in a publich place, usage of dangerous objects, vandalism and so forth. It relies not only on the police to enforce it but also on the communities. — My two cents: Seriously, they are losing their minds.


10.12.2005  •  Osebno5

What is the essence of a firecracker? Can anyone explain? What notion drives a man to go out and spend tons of money on something that goes “Pop!”? I understand the fireworks. The colors, the shapes…I can understand why some people would want to watch that. I mean, people watch reruns of “Seventh heaven” all

(Random title. Which is even more random if you take into the account that the title is a song title by David Bowie and my radio is right now playing the collected works of AC/DC. Go figure, huh?) I actually wanted to rant about the new line of stores that is opening all over Slovenia.

It was fun. It always is when people show up. In this case, out of ten people, I “only” knew three. Which is a record of some sort, since Maribor is not my standard theater of operations. I guess Kibla did her job. Thank you, Marko! A colleague of mine from the faculty gave me

A (moški): A te misice ne znajo druzga k ekonomijo študirat? B (ženska): Ene umetnost A (moški): Večina jih ekonomijo pa pravo B (ženska): To grejo sam tisti študirat, k ne vejo, kaj bi A (moški): Itak…ampak tko res…študira ekonomijo, je manekenka in dela na letališču kot varnostnica…ja pa pizda..kdaj pa študira? Kaj se jst

Maribor lecture

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Glove love

08.12.2005  •  Osebno5

Another fine day behind me. This one started off with a cleaning spree, after which I went to the faculty. But don`t worry, I won`t fall into the classic “And then I did…” post. I just wanted to emphesise that the beginning of this day was as ordinary as they come. After the lectures I