Voices in my head

08.12.2005  •  Osebno3

I have this jingle (no, not a X-mas jingle, just a jingle) in my head and I cannot seem to lose it. What`s your suggestion?

Race against time #2

07.12.2005  •  Osebno0

Well, it appears that the race ended prematurely with Time blowing up both of its back tires. The A team finished victoriously and we can only wait for a re-match.

This OSCE hubbub is getting on my nerves. People are passing judgements without the slightest knowledge of the international relationships and the basics of the works of this particular semi-organisation. It also worries me because people are clearly ignorant of the whole situation and are imagining things. Whos fault is that? Who is responsible for

Race against time #1

06.12.2005  •  Osebno3

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, at the race-track. This race is going to be another breath-stopped since the A team is racing against Time. We can see the Time in its garage, all pumped up and ready to take a swing at the A team which is determined to win the race clean and

Nicholas Cage is Yuri Orlov. Yuri Orlov is a gun-runner. A poor russian immigrant who decides to do something with his life and he seeks success in the gun-running business. He tells us his life-story, from the beginning sales of a single UZI machine gun to the sales of several thousand AK-47s to the warlords

Make a wish!

05.12.2005  •  Osebno6

We were discussing wishes today, realizing that kids these days (yeah, I am old) don`t know what to wish for. Not all of them I guess, but the majority (yeah, I am using a percentage) have no idea what to wish for when the “Make a wish!” presents itself. Why is that? First off, let`s

Get it at “S stilom“. Now!

If the ministeral summit of OSCE is telling us anything, that`s the fact that we do not have the scene for an event of that magnitude. Sadly enough, we have to place it smack in the middle of the city and close down two of the important veins that run through it. Feet are the

Skeleton key

04.12.2005  •  Filmi1

There was, is and will be a house of grief and horror. The most common setting for a horror/thriller movie. I said it before, the horror genre is the second most stereotyped genre in this world (action leads the way) and horror movies are either too straight-forward or too vague. Balance is the key. Skeleton


•  Osebno0

Let`s just hope the editing guys will be user-friendly tomorrow morning. And that they will be able to concoct some sort of miracle, just to be on the safe side. It always bothers me when I go in with some loose ends, decided to wrap them up on the spot. Ah well…