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If you are in need of some democratic education, if you feel your voice isn`t heard, if you want to witness the opening of a new portal, if you just want to see a hot babe lecture about politics, or if you want to punch me in the face, then visit KIBERPIPA/CYBERPIPE tonight at 1900!

Ze french are at it again. This time, they went thriler style by filming Anthony Zimmer. In it, they tried to combine “The usual suspects” and “Mission: Impossible” . Needles to say, they failed miserably. But let us not jump ahead of the gun. Anthony Zimmer is the greatest criminal alive. Supposedly. He`s in the

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It`s always a special thing, having your friends and lover(s) perform for you in a TV show. Always a special thing, because you want to make the whole experience as painless as possible for them. If not for them, for whom then, right? She was nervous. Who isn`t? Unless you are an experienced KGB agent,


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After somewhat popish “War of the world“, the Master returns with yet another movie about a disaster. This time, the disaster is not caused by some foreign alien creatures, but is caused by ourselves. We found our enemy and it is us. At the beginning of the movie, someone says “Israelis and the Palestinians were

(taken from Thorin) A princess is captured in a castle guarded by a dragon. The metal crews are called to help. This is what they do… Power metal: The protagonist arrives riding a white unicorn, escapes from the dragon, saves the princess and makes love with her in an enchanted forest. Thrash metal: The protagonist

B: Mater je mrzlo v tej pisarni… C: Ne mislit na to, pa bo… B: Ma ja…zunaj pa nula. C: Toplo! B: Ja sej… C: Okn odpri! — B: Damn it`s cold in this office… C: Just on`t think about it… B: It`s only zero degrees outside. C: That`s warm! B: Exactly. C: Open a

Since Matjaz already wrote about a similar subject, let me add my two cents in says that punlic figures really do not know how to talk. Especially the ones that were elected to their post. Take our current mayor for example. She worked as a journalist for many years and one would think that she

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RAM Modules CPU

For the record: This is a lecture review, not a review of the man who did it. So, we went to the lecture about blogs. Or as the official title said “Blog – the tool of web-presence of an individual” (next to my “Blogging” title, it sounds omnious). Nudo.nu, the author of the lecture, and