Despite the weather that was changing from a pissy weather front to a icy cold sleet. Despite the fact that I took my sis ticket for the bus (and later found mine in the back of mine pants) and despite the fact that we did not see the fireworks and despite the fact that I was in the middle of the street at midnight, surrounded by the love of my life only (what more could one want, right?) this was the best NYE in years! Sounding corny or not, this one beat sitting in front of the computer (last year), walking around in the cold while listening to same ole jokes (pre-last year) or being at a party where everything was preplanned (pre-pre-last year, although out of all three years, that was the most fun).

The Farce of Scarpin by Moliere performed by the Drama ansamble was excellent. The cast was excellent, double-shouts (can you shout at a theater?) to Dare Valič who was excellent as a stingy old geezer Géronte and the leading role of Scarpin played by Jure Zrnec. Photo-material to follow.

The streets were filled with people although the rain made the majority of them stay at home, watching Natalija doing her tricks.

We deliberately ignored the fireworks. Besides, everybody`s watches were out of synch and so you had trillion mini-happy-new-years as people missed each other`s time by a few seconds. Which is why we were in the middle of an empty street, not far away from my house while all around us fireworks were illuminating the somewhat foggy and cloudy skies.

The scenery was “as usual”. Drunk teenagers screaming and running around, clutching a plastic bottle filled with wine, elderly people frowning their faces, thinking whatever did become of today`s youth and couples walking around, smiling and hugging. Which brings me to my next post…

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