I don`t feel anything!” said Baya. I quickly checked to see if all her limbs were still attached and that she was physically all right (with all the fireworks going off around us you can never be too sure, right?) and when I saw that her body was in order, I waited for a further explanation. “This NYE” she said “everybody is cheering, being happy and excited and I…I just don`t know. It feels just like another day.

She was of course right. NYE is really just another day. Nothing special about it. It would be if the Romans would not mess with the calendar, adding two more months to the original ten, thus moving the NYE backwards. The original NYE was when the winter was ending and the spring began. And that was special. The thing that we have now…it`s just for crazy people. There, I said it! Anybody who is excited by the NYE is crazy! Nuts! Over the hill! Into the bin! and so forth. Because this is all induced. This is all superficial. This is all fake.

*waits for the lightning to strike*
*no lightning strikes*

Cause really, unless you are waiting for your deposit in a bank to clear, the move from the 31/12 to 1/1 is not worth two cents. Yet everybody is making such a big fuss over it. Cards, wishes, events and so forth…just cause of this NYE. You are suppose to feel something, you are suppose to give and receive, you are suppose to do a million things just because of the sole fact that the date is about to change.

Sure, we all need an excuse to party. The more people use the same excuse, the better the excuse. Your birthday is not nearly as popular (unless you are, you know, the pope or Madonna for example) as NYE, X-mas or Prešeren`s day. And that is the only reason people go out and “have fun”. That is the only reason that beer costs twice as much and you cannot get a decent seat in the theater. Hype, hype, hype!

Some of us of course want no part of it. OK, we take a tiny little part of it, nothing compared to others. And some of us feel abnormal cause of it. Feel detached and out of focus. Like we are not feeling something we were suppose to feel. Which is all crap and poppy-cock (there I go! another cock added to the collection)! We are the masters of our own fate and of feelings we want to express. Not some bloody stereotyped, overhyped holiday which does not make any sense!

There…I said it.

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