You can hear the theme music, can you? The two guys (well, a guy and a dog) are at it again. This time they are running the pest-control service and are trying to brain-wash the poor vermin of its instincts. The thing backfires and this is where the plot description ends, because of the twist. A small one, but a twist, nontheless.

The clay is the word of the day. And it`s beautiful. The creators of Chicken run are at it again, this time with the parade horse of Aardman studios. The story is somewhat more complex than in Chicken run and the whole thing could be made into a decent thriller (yeah, you`d have to replace the bunnies then, but still…).

Another aspect of the cartoon is the story and I am glad to report they did not dumb it down to accomodate the “younger ” audience. It`s not exactly a brainstormer, but on the other hand, it`s not exactly “main characters go from point A to point B” type of story. The humor is also of an adult manner, things the younger crowd would not even notice.

A cartoon worth waiting for. And a cartoon worth seeing more than once.

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