The SMS (slovenian youth party) failed to obtain 40.000 signatures, needed to issue a referendum which would decide if the anti-coruption comission should be disbaned or not.

Slovenian political space and actors are well-known for their limitations of the field of choice. We love to limit ourselves, telling ourselves what we should not do. We told ourselves that single women should not get artificially fertilized, we told ourselves shops will not be open on Sunday and we told ourselves we do not need an anti-coruption comission.

Reading the comments under the articles posted in the main-stream newspapers shows an amazing thing. People are fucking stupid. No, not just regular stupid, but stupid XP professional. Instead of blaming the fellow-citizens for not getting their lazy asses to the signing post. But no, it`s the politicians who are incompetent. It`s them who are we to blame. OK, setting the whole issue aside (current government is not stupid XP professional but stupid Vista) it`s amazing how just a month ago there was this huge protest against the current government and now only 20.000 people shows up to sign a form. Appalling!

Two quotes come to mind:

1. Every nation has the government it deserves (Joseph de Maistre)


2. The politicians are not the problem. People who elect them are the problem (Igor Lukšič)

Another interesting fact. The government just cancelled its support to the Politbarometer, one of the companies in charge of the public opinion measurement. Why? The results were not good enough. Sure, kill the messenger of bad news and with it you kill the bad news as well. Brains anyone?

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