First off, everything was done in a rush. Which is good and which is bad. Good because everything related to si.blogs meet was filed under “urgent!” and that means that the level of concentration. Still, this post is being written for the reference for si.blogs 2k7.

Second, change the location. Foculus is nice and everything but as soon as the group goes over ten people, it tends to get crowded. The music was too loud and the seating arrangement was somewhat unfortunate. Baya`s suggestion: La Storia trattoria.

Third, use the random numbers principle to select three blogs for best blog and three posts for best post awards.

Fourth, get more people to attend the meet. Incidentally, how are those prizes working out? Everybody satisfied? Let me know 😉

Fifth, keep the outlay of the trophies. They`re perfect 😉

As for this year, nothing went according to plan. And still we managed to pull together quite a show. But listen to this…

I went to print the plaques and have them framed. I spent two hours figuring what the hell was wrong with the outlay since the printer constantly printed one side of the plaque slightly bent. After two hours I figured out the printer is only printing what it “sees” and the plaque was originally bent. Damn, huh? Then I went to the frame shop and asked for an A4 frames. A4. A4. What I got was a 20*30 frame. WTF?? A4 is 210 × 297. So there is no fucking way an A4 piece of paper is going to fit into that frame without previously cutting the corners a little. The guys in the shop told me to “go around the corner” and see “the man“. They had a storage room there and there was this guy, slightly old-ish who was eating a sandwich. I asked him if he could help me and he told me to go wait into the cutting room. I went there and I saw several what they appear to be hi-tech cutting machines. When the guy came in, wipping his fingers into his pants, he picked up an ordinary wallpaper knife, put the paper on the bench and *swoosh* fixed them. Then he went back eating his sandwich. So much for hi-tech solutions.

In the end, everything paid off and people got their plaques with matching prizes. Although…

You see, after the majority of the party-poopers left (and went blogging the minute they got home, c-c-c), David, Baya, Brian, Tina and me re-elected the awards. So Brian got the golden beef soup award for best blog and Tina got the golden blood sausage award for best post and the matching prize. David got the prize that goes with golden beef soup award and Brian took the one that goes with silver blood sausage award. Dizzy? I`ll stop here 😉

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